Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Madt 411 Society and Entertainment

The reason I've chosen society and entertainment was because media give a sense of where to be and also gives people a  view on government issues, sports issues, problems in the world and etc. When I was watching television on day I notice something funny about the election in the states and realized I've never taken an interest in voting or actually anything involving political movements. But it caught my attention when I seen Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, it was an actor that got famous just making fun of a political figure. That was  when I realized how society reacts towards entertainment, it plays a big roll in the world today. 

I started looking at entertainment focusing society to not look at the war and have all its attention on the tabloids and entertainment. Chris Rock has a very good point in his stand up comedy, he mentions how the government is and how it distracts society. Most of what I've seen on television had me noticing how the government plays a big roll on where to lead society. Media portrays an image that is very comfortable for the viewer. For an example, Obama and Mccain were making fun of each other and that had the people like both of them, for myself; it was fake, but still I kept on watching. Than I've been more focused on politics than I've ever been, I love comedy and as soon as I watched Saturday Night Live impersonate Barrack Obama
that happened to be the funniest skit I've ever saw.

I would make myself an example of how the government and entertainment play a good roll in advising societies direction in the world. How I couldn't stand watching politics and now I enjoying Saturday Night Live and MadTV make fun of all these political figures.

Larry Desjarlais

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Canadian Politics (funny)

The reason I've chosen these clips of Canadian Politics was for the humor and how it has society thinking of politics instead of not paying attention to it at all. Ralph and
Chretian    and    Rick Mercer. Rick Mercer has his own show about Canadian Politics and has much to say good and bad about political issues

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have created a remix of my last project, because the project I thought needed more emphasis to it. I like Rap Music, so I made a few rap lyrics about my life and mixed it in with an instrument that a friend from Time Bomb Ent. created. I've mixed other audio that relates to what I'm saying in  this project as well. hope you like it

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is me dragging a a pallet on the floor, this is shrink wrap beeps as well. i was a work and I figured that there was a lot of sounds that would be a good dinosaur sound. I drive a forklift reach truck and there are a lot of beeps and stuff like that. There are different noises in the background and also the sound itself.